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6 Jul. 2022
CSC Work program 2022-2024

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Where to start?

  • Use the curated search. This is a good start to get familiar with the website,
  • Full text search is also available: look top right at the curated search section or click on “full text search” in the top right search menu.
  • Discover all documents from the EDPB, WP29 or CJEU. Updated and refined daily.
  • Read the GDPR.
  • Notice the references at the bottom of each page and discover interesting connections. Available on every EDPB, WP29, CJEU and GDPR-page!

GDPR Beetle is best experienced using a desktop, laptop, etc. Mobile support is ready, but still under construction. This also applies to the question categories, visible on the home page.

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